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Yong Cheng Wah


Son of acclaimed artist Yong Mun Sen, Yong Cheng Wah is considered to be a significant contributor to Malaysia’s visual history with inspiring imagery of human life and the environment. He sees painting as a way to express his innermost thoughts and emotions, and considers his training in Chinese Ink Brush Painting to be a major influence to his artistic style. This has resulted in artworks that, while possessing a Western flair, have an undeniably Eastern touch, which further enhances their character and creativity.


This artist extraordinaire has been featured thrice on the Who’s Who in Art list, and his works have been showcased all around the world and collected by bigwigs that include the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Bank Negara, French Bank, US President Johnson, Indonesia President Suharto, the late Paul Getty and Tunku Abdul Rahman, to name just a few.


Solo Art Exhibition : Yong Cheng Wah


Patrick Lasak


Penang born and based artist Patrick Lasak first started painting at 13 years old. Inspired by the likes of mentors Khaw Sia and Ho Kay Beng, he was self-trained and driven to create his oil paintings through interpreting the ambiance and feel of his memories. To him, it was the human spirit behind each piece that dictated their outcomes and the power of his dreams, which moved him through his artistic endeavours.


Lasak’s paintings balance the premeditated layers of thick paint with the uncertainty of nebulous glazes to search out landscapes and forms in nature that convey a sense of predominating melancholia. He was known for this duality in his work, configuring and deconfiguring, finite lines and the uncertainty of where the end might be.


Lasak strove, with such contradictions, to fuel his search for the perfect relationship between himself and his art, between what he was and what he did.


Art Exhibition by Patrick Lasak : What Dreams Can Do