Aspire Life

ASPIRE LIFE: Educate & Empower Our Young was conceived in 2016 by Dreamz to help equip our children and youth with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern world. The project encompasses the provision of:

  • Education scholarships to deserving students (Certification/Diploma programmes)
  • Educational programmes, e.g. Media Literacy programmes for secondary school children
  • Training programmes on soft skills

Thanks to our Training Certification Partner, ITD World, and our Venue Sponsor, 1919 Global, we commenced our first initiative in December 2016.

Programme Introduction


A 2-Day Transformational Programme

Date: 8 & 9 December 2016

Venue: Majestic Theatre Penang

Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Habits will either make you or break you! Habits and routines are the foundation of a great day that leads to success. When you have good habits and routines in place, the day will flow better and smoothly. Discover what habits successful people have and how they leverage on their good habits to gain performance with results.


Change Your Habits, Change Your World workshop is specially designed to expose individuals to the habits of successful people and equip them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to achieve results.


Ultimately, this workshop will help transform the individuals to realise their full potential by changing their habits for the better; be effective and efficient, resulting in increased personal productivity; do the right things and positively influence the people around with the habits of a successful high performer.


This programme enables the synergy of the world’s leading gurus and experts on habit change, namely: Anthony Robbins, Charles Duhigg, Dr BJ Fogg, Jack Canfield, Dr Peter Chee, Brian Tracy, Martin Grunburg, Dr Joe Dispenza, MJ Ryan, Dion Ooi, Stephen Covey and Kerry Patterson. It is designed as the best of the best development experience.



Decide What HABITS?

  • Introduction to Change Your Habits, Change Your World

  • The 10 keys to Change Your Habits, Change Your World

  • What Habits? First you need to decide & are you ready to make a difference?


  • Focus
  • What are your compelling reasons?
  • Being ProActive versus ReActive
  • Be-Do-Have Principle
  • Perfect Practice
      – How to START First?
      – R.I.S.K.S. Tool in habit change

The BIG Picture

  • The Success Habits Process
  • Success Habits
  • Failure / Undesired Habits
  • Our Blueprint; the mind programming
  • Perfect Practice
      – Applying the BIG Picture and enhancing the mental programming

Effective Prioritisation

  • The Current Reality – “As-Is”
  • Daily Deliberate Actions / Disciplines
      – (Must Do’s – first things first)
  • New Success Habits Replacing Old
  • Elimination of Unwanted Habits
  • Perfect Practice
      – The Success Habits Motivator to sustainability

Everyone WINs

  • Environment and Support Structure (Synergise and WIN-WIN)
  • Friends, Peers, Influencers
  • Strategies and Tips on Success Habits Technology
  • Inspire yourself and others
  • Perfect Practice
      – Abundance mentality – giving to get more

Empathy & Compassion

  • Listen first and understand

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Putting yourself in others’ perspective

  • Perfect Practice

      – Empathising with others and being compassionate

Creative Cooperation

  • Coaching – Action Steps and Follow up (Continuous Improvement)

  • Accountability Partner

  • The Carrot, Stick and Heart Approach

  • Perfect Practice

  • Any other better ideas to innovate?

Continuous & Never Ending Improvements

  • What if… the undesired habit that could get worse

  • Perseverance and learning

  • Growth & Sustainability

      – Affirmation, Vision Board & Visualisation (sharpen the axe)
  • Re-charge, Renew and Rejuvenate

      – Handling Stress and Worry
  • Perfect Practice

      – Mind over matter and your physiology

Find Your Voice & Inspire Others

  • It starts with you

  • Be the change leader and initiate

  • Perfect Practice makes perfect – putting it all together

  • Change your Habits, Change your World

The Outcome & Transformation

  • Assessment, Action Planning, Achievement and Celebration