President’s Message

The world is always evolving. We either get on the ride or get left behind. Sadly, many people fall in the latter category – and most of them are women and children. Being a woman or a child in today’s day and age is not an easy task. Often they are overlooked, exploited or, worst, endangered. Yet, they serve an important function in shaping society. After all, aren’t women the pillar behind every successful individual? Aren’t children our future?


As different as we all are, all women and children have one thing in common: we hold the key to the future of the world. It is for this reason that our attempts at nurturing a better world for all should start with our women and children.


At Dream Zephyr Foundation (Dreamz), our committee consists mostly of women – united in our aspirations to raise the profile of women and children, and bring renewed strength and stability to families, communities, nations and the world. In doing so, we are focusing our attention on what matters most to them and on giving them equal access to education, healthcare, job development and life.


It is time we give them a voice. It is time we truly listen to what they need and do our best to help them attain these needs. I sincerely hope that Dreamz will, therefore, be a solid convergence platform for women (and men) from all walks of life to do their part in helping every woman and child realise their full potential. Together, let us strive towards cultivating a brighter tomorrow in which every individual is respected, loved and treasured equally.


God bless you, your contributions and all who will benefit from it. Thank you.


— Angelina Cheong